ROI Calculator

Our ROI caculator uses a stadard formula to help you understand your expected savings or return on investment when using TheTestMart automation testing platform.

Fill in the below fields to get a high level understanding of your potential savings and talk to us about how these figures can be acheived.

Other benefits

  • Reduce turnaround for bug fixes
  • Enable new features faster
  • Minimize employee disruption & turnover cost
  • Standardized business processes through Automation
  • Reduced risk of system outage
  • Training documentation and videos for employee onboarding

Estimate the total time taken by both Staff and contractors to complete an average product update in hours, round this up to days.


The bigger your company the larger the potential risk and cost of an outage. Outages are not factored into this calculation but would be included as part of an assessment.


Often 2 updates per year is the minimum. The goal is to take every update available so use the slider to see how this effects your ROI


Total 3 year ROI
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